What we offer...
Sparante.com is an accommodation website. We offer vacation rentals, private accommodations, private rooms, vacation apartments. To come soon, also B&B  as well as Hotel rooms,

  • BUT... we only sell HIGH DISCOUNTED rentals, this means that on our website, you can rent only vacation rentals or private accommodation at discounted rates of minimum 50%.

As an owner, you can list all your properties for FREE...we do not charge annual fees and we do not charge any commissions. All free for life. 

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Guests can take advantage of very low rates for their vacation booking.

We charge guests an annual fee of CHF 15,90 which also includes also our Escrow service. 


As mentioned above, this is an annual fee. This means that you can make so many booking at discounted rates as you want, during 1 year.

For more details please click here. or read our FAQ

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The team at sparante.com