Terms and Conditions for guests.


  • The company Sparante.com Embraport 1, 8424 Embrach offers overnight stays at highly discounted prices for hotels, holiday homes, B&Bs and private apartments.

Discounts up to 100% of the official price

  • On the site www.sparante.com you have the possibility to reserve accommodation in hotels, holiday homes, B & Bs and private apartments with discounts ranging from 40% to 100% of the official prices.

Inquiries and booking

  • All visitors to the www.sparante.com site can search for any type of accommodation at discounted prices. The search, as well as the request for availability / booking are free. The visitor, in order to make the request for availability must register on the site. This action is free of costs. When the chosen property will confirm the availability of the chosen accommodation at the discounted rate and the visitor will make the final booking, www.sparante.com will send a request for payment of our fee of CHF 10.90 for each reservation made and confirmed, regardless of the reservation  amount.
  • The reservation at the accommodation is made by the purchaser through the www.sparante.com portal. www.sparante.com can provide technical measures on its portal in order to transmit the buyer's booking to the accommodation business. The accommodation and the buyer are involved in the accommodation contract, but not www.sparante.com. The accommodation contract is valid only after the booking has been confirmed by the accommodation to the customer.

Deposit and payment of accommodation

  • the customer makes the reservation via www.sparante.com. When the booking confirmation from  the hotel or property owner is received, the guest pays 10% of the total amount of the reservation  as a guarantee for the reservation (eg if the reservation amount is CHF 240.00 or € 240.00, then the deposit will be CHF 24.00 or if if in Euro, it will be € 24.00) plus the booking fee of CHF 10.90 which will be retained by us.
  • When the customer arrives at the booked property / hotel, he will pay the full amount of the reservation made, and it will be our duty to reimburse the amount of the deposit paid (10% of the booking amount) directly to the customer's paypal account.
  • If the customer cancels the reservation after the period that allows free cancellation, the deposit will be sent to the accommodation to cover the cancellation fees.

Payment fees for our service

  • The visitor can make an unlimited number of reservations at discounted prices. Any confirmed reservation costs CHF 10.90, but the maximum annual amount (ie within 365 days of the first booking) will be CHF 98.10. Once the payment of this amount is reached, the visitor will not have to pay any more fees to sparante.com.
  • Should the visitor make 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 reservations within 365 days, the fee to be paid will be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times CHF 10, 90.

Housing Availability

  • www.sparante.com cannot guarantee the availability of a certain accommodation at a property, but limits itself to insert on its website the properties that offer accommodation at discounted prices. The properties must indicate the available dates of the offered accommodations as well as the discounts applied during these dates. The right to book accommodation at a property with the corresponding discount is limited to the availability of the accommodations in the requested property.

Discounts offered

  • Each property decides the discount to be offered for the accommodation entered on the www.sparante.com website. The minimum discount is 40% on the official price list. The property in question may at its discretion require the payment of some services in order to take advantage of the discount offered. Eg if a property offers a discount of 60% or 80% might require that the guests take the dinner at the restaurant of the hotel. Of course the property must include in the description of accommodation offered, the following remarks:


    • the type of the paid service
    • the cost of the paid service


  • The right to reserve an accommodation to the discounted rates is only possible if the receptive property offers the rooms to the special rate during the wished dates. The right to book accommodation in a hotel at the offered discount rates is limited to the availability. Price reduction is only valid and available for the listed accommodation of the property. Additional services offered by the property (example: spa, dinner, drinks and so on) will be charged in full by the property administration.

Who can avail the services www.sparante.com

  • On the www.sparante.com website, all private individuals with a minimum age of 18 can use the services offered, as well as companies and legal entities. The costs for confirmed reservations are the same, both for private individuals and for legal persons and companies.

Obligations of the guests

  • All users who make a reservation on the website www.sparante.com must undertake to settle the account for the reservation fee of CHF 10.90 within 2 days, after the booking was confirmed by the property. The customer must print the receipt that will be issued by www.sparante.com or paypal and must show it on arrival, in the structure where he made the reservation. If the customer is unable to show the receipt as proof of payment of the fee of CHF 10.90, the structure may deny the agreed discount.
  • The user bears the responsibility to be able to receive all the emails and avoid that they are not delivered due to security control measures (such as SPAM filters).

Responsibility of www.sparante.com

  • The information indicated on the www.sparante.com portal is without guarantee for the accuracy and / or completeness of the offers and / or information published therein.
  • In particular, www.sparante.com is not responsible for any differences of the prices entered by the property on the website www.sparante.com
  •  In particular, www.sparante.com is not responsible for inadequate services of the booked property. In the event of inefficiencies on the part of the property, the guest must only contact the property in question to expose any complaints.
  • As soon as www.sparante.com receives the notification from the Hotel / Property owner where it says that the customer has arrived and has paid in full the cost of the booking, www.sparante.com must return to the customer the amount of the deposit paid to guarantee the booking (10% of booking amount).

Data disclosure


  • www.sparante.com guarantees privacy on the data entered on its website. www.sparante.com has the right to entrust third parties for the entire processing of data for marketing and for the generation of revenue distribution keys.
  • www.sparante.com reserves the right to dispose of user data in the event of a legal dispute.

Changes of prices and/or conditions for the use of the website

  • Our prices and services, as well as the conditions for using the site www.sparante.com can be changed at any time. In the event of substantial changes to the terms and conditions after the conclusion of the contract, the buyer will be informed via e-mail of the changes. If the changes and adjustments could be of damage for the user, he/she can terminate participation with sparante.com at any time without waiting periods. In the event that within the period of 30 days, the client has not exhibited any objection to the new provisions, he automatically declares himself to agree with the changes.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

  • Without prejudice to other legal provisions, agreements in relation to these Terms and Conditions are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Place of execution, place of debt collection, the latter only for persons domiciled abroad, as well as the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement is - to the extent not otherwise established by the law on civil procedure - Zurich.

Last update: 11.03.2019

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