Liability Declaration

I declare under my responsibility, to be the owner or legal representative of this object. I am aware that my IP address will be recorded at the registration process, and that in the case of offenses, the recorded data, if they should be requested, may be passed on to the judicial authority. I agree to the processing of my personal data. With the continuation of the data input, the customer confirms the compliance with all legal requirements, as well as the necessary permits to operate this business. At the same time, the company is freed from all possible civil or criminal liability. With the registration data you entered, you can manage your objects independently. You can add the missing information, enter the description of the accommodation, photos, prices, etc.


Last update : 30.08.2018

 This site can only be used by people over the age of 18 years.

  • Participation fee, rates and VAT.

We want to start these general conditions for use, with a clarification, to remove any doubt you may have.


  1. All members (guests) do not have to pay any kind of commission for reservations made by our website.
  2. Owners (both private and commercial, such as hotels, B & Bs, guesthouses, and more) do not have to pay any fee in advance to be able to list and rent their properties on our site. Only when the total of the commissions for reservations received through our site has reached the price of the package you have chosen, we will send you the invoice.
  3.  The invoice must be paid within 14 days of the date of issue. In the case that after the 14th day, the invoice amount has not been received, the listing will be deactivated, until the payment is received.
  4. For property owners outside of Switzerland, VAT will not be charged.

For more information about our fees and payments, please click here: Fees


  • Validity, Terms of Use Changes


  1. The following Terms of Use apply to the website (also: website).
  2. The user in these general conditions is a natural or legal person who registered on and which registration was confirmed by email from
  3. provides users with the service on the web site, only on the basis of these terms and conditions.
  4. By registering or using our services, you agree to the application of these terms and conditions.
  5. reserves the right to update the terms and conditions in the future. All users will be notified via e-mail. If they are not raised objections to changes made to the general conditions, by the user within 14 days, the consent will be deemed granted.



  • Performance and Supplier Performance


  1. On the web site, users are able to offer or rent: holiday apartments, holiday homes, private rooms, hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts or accommodations of any kind.
  2. provides a website where users can communicate and contract leases. does not have any type of accommodation, but is limited to the mediator activity between the users.
  3. All leases are only made between leased users (vendors) and rental users (guests). is not part of the agreement between users.
  4. The accommodation offers published on the site and their content, are not controlled by for completeness, accuracy and / or legitimacy, and do not represent the views of is not responsible for external offers and for their content.



  • Registration, conclusion of the license agreement, and legal declarations


  1. For the use of, you are required to register to the site. Registration as well as ad serving is 100% free and requires you to agree to those terms and conditions of use of Once you will confirm your registration by the link you will find on the registration  e-mail, then  a cooperation agreement between the user and it is established.
  2. Enrollment is limited only to natural persons, legal persons or companies with legal capacity. The registration of a legal person or a partnership, can only be performed by an authorized person, which must be named. Registration is only permitted for single persons (not for couples, families, or groups).
  3. During the registration and when entering data for an accommodation, you are required to provide truthful, updatet and complete information in accordance with the registration form. Specifically: full and last name, current and complete postal address (mailbox addresses are not allowed), as well as a valid e-mail address. Data must always be up to date and accurate. Multiple registrations with different member names are not allowed.
  4. By accepting the terms and conditions of the site, you declare your consent to receive newsletters and similar information by e-mail. The user may withdraw the consent at any time by sending an email directly to



  • Users' obligations, user account, system integrity.


  1. The user is solely responsible for the content that she / he publishes on the website. The user undertakes not to include illegal content or to undertake actions that violate laws.
  2. The service provider is responsible for ensuring that the offered accommodation is described in an accurate and complete manner. You must complete at least the mandatory fields, marked by These fields are indispensable to describe both accommodation and offer in a sufficiently accurate manner. In addition, it is up to the supplier to enter the additional conditions, such as the amount of any down payment required, the costs for the final cleaning, the possibility of cancellation etc. The user is always required to provide truthful and complete information on the offered accommodation. In the event of any change of the provided information, these must be updated immediately. Your account is strictly private and not transferable.
  3. The user account can only be used by the user himself. The user must keep the password secret as well as the account access data.
  4. You only are responsible for for all activities that occur on your membership account, unless you can prove that you are not responsible for the improper use of your membership account.
  5. Once you are aware that third parties have access to your login information or have access to your account, you must immediately inform is authorized to block your user account until clarification of the situation.
  6. Each user must independently verify the identity of his contract partner. is not responsible for the accuracy of the ads posted on the site, as well as is not responsible for the accuracy of the user's contact information.
  7. Users may use the addresses, contact information and e-mail addresses received through the use of the site, solely for the purpose of contractual communication. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to send data to unauthorized persons, or to use them for any advertising, unless the person concerned has not expressly given its consent in advance.
  8. In no case may the user use the website to send mass messages with identical content to other users. Spamming or similar disturbance actions against other users are strictly forbidden.
  9. Each user is responsible for saving all of the data and information that they need for: accounting, testing, etc. on a independent storage medium.
  10. In the event of a violation of these Terms by Users, has the right to exercise its virtual rights. may prevent the user from using the service, may remove content placed on the site, or take other measures. will pursue legitimate claims to obtain injunctions and / or damages through a court.
  11. Contents provided through the site are copyrighted. Access to and use of the website must be done regularly and individually by a physical person through a web browser. Using techniques such as web spiders, crawlers, or similar programs, the purpose of which is not simply indexing content , but mass gathering and preservation of site content, is prohibited.



  • Responsibility for Third Party Sites


  1. The website pages also contain links to other websites, which are managed by third parties and whose content is not known to only provides access to these sites and does not take any responsibility for their content.



  • Booking process, payment process, billing


  1. By publishing an accommodation ad on the website, the supplier issues an offer. A renter may submit an offer for this accommodation, in order to enter into a lease. The contract is only concluded when the supplier accepts the offer by the renter within 48 hours in the manner requested by If the acceptance does not take place within 48 hours, the renter is no longer bound by its offer.
  2. Cancellations are: resignations that are made prior to check-in. It can be agreed an option for cancellation policy.
  3. The supplier shall ensure that:


a) Property, description and images used, do not violate the laws and the rights of third parties and concern solely the offer in question.

b) The reserved accommodation, will be marked accordingly.

c) That there is no reference to third-party content.

d) She / he must comply with the rules of public law, in particular those relating to the payment, invoicing and tax obligations, which may include any sales tax liabilities or obligations from indirect taxes.



  • Deposit and fees.


  1. The supplier is allowed to apply for a deposit for the offered accommodation. If the supplier requires the tenant a deposit, this must be mentioned in any case, providing data corresponding to the amount of the deposit and the method of payment, directly in the offer published on the website The deposit amount must be fixed prior to booking. It should also be clarified in advance when the amount to be paid must be paid (for example: Two weeks before arrival, upon arrival, or otherwise).
  2. If the owner does not provide the amount of the deposit in the description of the accommodation concerned, however, require the deposit later and, the tenant does not agree, this will be considered as a shortage on the part of the owner. In this case, the contract will be canceled and, the tenant cannot be guilty for not fulfilling the lease.
  3. If the owner has a Paypal account, the deposit will be paid directly by the customer, on the account of the owner. In the event that the owner does not have a Paypal account, will take over the obligation to take out the deposit for the reserved accommodation. When the rental period ends, the owner will have 24 hours to communicate to if the deposit can be returned to the customer. In this case, refund the customer within 24 hours from when the go-ahead by the owner was received. The deposit will be sent to the paypal account of the customer. Neither the client nor the owner will have to pay a percentage to paypal or If there were any claims by the owner, they will be also discussed with the customer in order to find an agreement that is able to meet the demands of all both sides.
  4. is not responsible for any requests made by the owners.
  5. All expenses for the mediation of the reservation are to be paid by the owner (the owner can see the various subscription options here). The guest should not have to pay any kind of fee to



  • Reviews - Evaluations
  1. The site allows users to exchange evaluations after the contract has been concluded between them. Reviews should reflect a clear picture of user reliability. Reviews are not and will not be checked by in advance.
  2. Users undertake to enter on the ratings that they issue, only accurate, truthful, and compliant information. The valuations must not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular, must not violate the rights of privacy and personality. The rating must be objective and must not contain offensive or abusive criticism.
  3. Any use of the evaluation system, which may manipulate the purpose of the system, is prohibited. In particular, it is forbidden for users to submit reviews or evaluations about themselves or on their own accommodation, as well as to arrange the inclusion of evaluations on their business  through third parties, that are not related to the transaction in question.
  4. does not intervene in the evaluation system for no reason.The written reviews will not be modified, nor will be removed by, unless should be legally obliged in exceptional circumstances. Once published, reviews cannot be modified anymore. They are permanently stored in each user's rating profile and can be viewed by all users visiting the site. has the right to add rating comments if this is to clarify and increase understanding.
  5. If there was an abuse of reviews by a user, is exceptionally authorized to remove the vote from the site.



  • Duration and termination of participation


  1. The site usage contract is of an indefinite duration.
  2. The contract can be terminated by the user at any time without prior notice. In order for the contract to be terminated, just send a written notification (E-mail, letter) to Reservations that have already been sent or mediated through will not be altered by a contract termination. The same goes for payments for as well as for percentages on rent not yet collected.
  3. has the right to terminate the contract at any time.



  • Responsibilities of


  1. assumes unlimited liability for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence by, its employees and agents, in the event of fraudulent omission of defects, with the explicit assumption of a guarantee and for damages resulting from injury to life, physical and health hazards.




Conditions for Cancellation



  • How does it work with the cancellation?


  1. The conditions for cancellation are chosen and written by the owners. The owner can choose the cancellation policy for their own account. However, these must be reported in a clear and comprehensible form to everyone in the description of the accommodation in question. The conditions for cancellation must be so written as to protect against any financial damage, both the owner as well as the customer.
  2. The meaning of the word "cancellation" under these conditions applies to all cancellations made prior to the scheduled check-in.


  • What if the cancellation is made by the owner?


  1. In case of cancellation by the owner, the customer must be refunded the whole amount paid until the moment when the cancellation is communicated. In this case there are no cancellation fees to pay.
  2. Should the owner cancel the reservation in a period of less than 14 days prior to the check in, she / he must pay 15% of the total reservation price to the customer.
  3. The cancellation fee rises to 50% of the total reservation price, if the owner cancel the contract for a period of time less than three days before check-in.
  4. Cancellation fee can be sent directly to the customer, or to, who commits to pay the amount in question to the customer within 24 hours of receiving it.
  5. For reservations canceled by the owner, the same is not entitled to any kind of payment.
  6. In the event that more than 5 bookings are canceled during one year (365 days), reserves the right to immediately cancel the contract with the owner, close the account and cancel all offers published by the same owner on the website



This site can only be used by people over the age of 18 years.


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