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Taking a private room for your short tripo or long trip, can be a good and less expensive experience than booking a hotel room and, beside this you can meet travellers from around the world and share with them your travelling experiences. We have friends that rent out their rooms and they have guests from England, Scotland, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, USA and other countries. Here we listed some of the reason because it could be interesting chose this kind of accommodation.

Saving Money: If you’re willing to share a strangers apartment you’re going to save some cash over staying in a hotel. The savings per night can be really high. To get the most out of the listed private accommodations, compare them to equivalent hotel listings in the same area of your choice. In any event, compare how much you’ll save and weigh whether sacrificing some privacy is worth it to you.

Use of the kitchen: If you book a private accommodation, you’ll usually have access to a kitchen, which can also save you money. Though you should read the hosts guidelines on use of their kitchen, like whether or not you’re allowed to cook your own meals. Many hosts, in addition to complimentary tea, coffee and continental breakfast, also provide guests with full access to their kitchen. This means they have some fridge space and can cook meals (though the rules are that they have to clean up after themselves).

Local experience: Staying in an apartment is a more local experience as well as a great way to experience a city, and for some places, you can also be lucky and find a city apartment all for yourself. It doesn’t get much more authentic than shopping in markets and bringing fresh local ingredients back to your place to whip up a nice meal (outside of taking employment!). Additionally, part of your hosts job is to insure that you have a comfortable stay and they should have some great recommendations for eating out and using public transport. Some hosts even provide hot breakfasts or give the option to pay extra and they’ll bring a hot breakfast to your room.

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