Why become a partner with us?


Do you have sometimes unoccupied rooms or short time cancellations from time to time? Have you ever thought about selling your vacant rooms or rental at cheaper rates? Surely It is better to sell a room with an interesting discount than to leave it empty. You are always welcome to try our services, whether hotel, bed and breakfast, apartment, Private room, residence etc.

You can now become a partner of Sparante.com for FREE and benefit immediately.

Without risk, without any costs, without binding contracts. FOREVER.


These are your advantages

  • More guests through our sales
  • More sales
  • The guests pays directly at the hotel / accommodation property
  • No admission fees and no commissions
  • Increase the visibility of your hotel / property through our website and newsletter
  • Easy maintenance and update by yourself of your hotel or property data, through our owner admin area on www.sparante.com
  • Safe and long-term partnership


As a registered hotel / accommodation property, you will receive a free advertising presence 365 days a year on our website. This will increase your visibility in addition, also during the time when you do not offer discounted accommodations.

Better occupancy of the rooms?

Of course!! With Sparante.com your room occupancy will be optimized during periods of reduced visitor attendance or by  short-term cancellations. You hereby appeal to many new guests.


Increase in turnover

Empty rooms do not generate revenue, that's well known ... by using our service, you can try to occupy short-term Canceled rooms, or to win more (new) guests during less busy times of the year or low seasons.

One more interesting offer to sell discounted rooms, would be to sell the rooms with a large discount, but with the condition that the guests have to take their meals at the hotel restaurant.


You are selling for a certain period, a room with a discount of 60% of your official price list, you can specify in the description that the guest has to take breakfast and lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant.

This brings revenue. The guest does not necessarily have to look around for a good restaurant, and you have also occupied your room.


Free advertising

You benefit from free advertising on our website Sparante.com 365 days a year. Your hotel / Accommodation property will be better found on the search engines on the Internet.


No costs at all

Sparante.com is unlike any other booking portals. We do not finance ourselves by charging commissions to the hotels or other accommodation property, but only by the amount that the guests pay for each successful reservation. The guests pays the amount of CHF 10.90 for each confirmed reservation, but this is limited to CHF 98.10 per year. This is the amount for 9 reservations per year. After that, guests will not have to pay any fee for the rest of the year. In the case that guests will only make 2-3 reservation per year, then they will only have to pay for 2-3 times the fee of CHF 10.90.

Hotels and other accommodation properties, do not have to pay any kind of fee.


Another interesting remark:

We have decided to donate 20% of our sales to charity. So if you would like to help without spend a penny, then advertise your offers with us. This is 100% free for you. The more offers we have online, the more reservations we can generate and the more we can help. All together!

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon online with your offers. Here you can sign up for free within 3 minutes

Best regards
Vincenzo Morandi