Why should I register to Sparante.com as a host?




Your own page

Each host has the possibility to insert a huge amount of information about its property. This start with a short description that will be shown on the searching result list, so that potentially customers can see at once if the listed property can match with their requirements, after this, you can add a huge description where you can describe at best your offer, you can insert by choosing with a click all the offered services and utilities, rates, discounts, availability calendar, (this calendar can be updated with your already owned iCal, or another type of online calendar). This can also be used in the other way: updating your iCal with our online calendar. You can insert 40 pictures, 2 videos,  as well as a google map,so that clients can see where your property is located. You can add all the available places of interest closed to the property and information about the closest emergency places (hospitals, pharmacies, veterinary and so on) or interesting shopping places and restaurants, beaches, lakes and more. If wished you can have the description translated into Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Contact with the guests

You can decide if you would like to receive direct all the reservations, or if you prefer that the reservation should go over the administration of the website. If you choose the direct reservation, then guests will send the reservation directly to you, and guest will be able to check out availability direct on the website and send reservation to you without having to go through the administration of the website. You will be able to administrate all the reservations by yourself. Beside this, guests can contact you to ask about any kind of information. You will be contacted through our contact form and your email address will not be shown on the contact information, or you can be contacted through our chat form. You can choose the way that you prefer. If you choose the reservation system that goes through the administration of the website, then we will handle all the reservations according with your feedbacks. Surely you can also add to the listing also the URL of your own website.

Stop paying commission for renting out your accommodations!!

Some websites charge their fees to host, some other websites charge it to the guests, some take commission (between 8% and 20% of the booking amount, some takes a fixed fee per year, not matter if you rent out your accommodation or not. The fee amount goes from about 40,00 EURO (for private rooms), up to 500 EURO (for huge hotels) .

Now we are offering a new solution:

NO SIGN UP FEE: this means, that you can sign up and insert your property/properties without paying any kind of fee.

NO ANNUAL FEE: you do not have to pay anything during the whole period that your accommodation/s will be listed  in our website.


  1. For each successful transaction, you will be charged a 5% of the amount of the transaction, but unlike many other portals, you will pay the percentage of your transactions until you have reached the amount of the chosen package. Once you reach that amount, you will no longer have to pay any commission or fee for the rest of the 365 days. All the revenue from the transactions will be 100% yours.
  2. We've created several packages for your listings, starting from the simplest for those who want to offer just a private room, up to the large hotel package. Rates for these packages range from CHF 72.00 (for private room owners) per year up to CHF 728.00 (for big hotels) per year. Here you can see all the packages offered, with their rates.
  3. What happens if successful transaction percentages do not reach the value of the selected package? Nothing happens, you will pay only the percentage of transactions that have been successful. With the beginning of the new year (after 365 days since you signed up) everything starts again from scratch.
  4. As soon as the commissions amount has reached the price of the chosen package, we will send you an invoice. After that, you will not have to pay anything more, until the chosen package is valid. Invoice is payable:

    1. Bank transfer without any other fee (for transfers from abroad, if any bank fee occurs, must be paid by sender).
    2. By credit card or paypal.


We hope that these solutions are to your liking and we would be honored to have you as a customer on our site. As you see, do not you go meet no risk or bond of any kind.

Discounts and special prices on your purchases

On our sparante.com site, we are developing a reserved section for registered members only, from which you can make purchases at privileged prices. How? Simply by taking advantage of the large number of registered  people, we can treat special discounts and prices for our members. We want to offer this service as a further incentive, for all those who register to the site. We will ask no percentage to the companies that will work with us on this project, so that they can offer the best prices/discounts for their products to all of our customers.

What kind of companies and products we want to offer? We thought that in a period like the one that our planet is going through, it would not be a bad idea, focus on technology products, but sustainable and manufacture products that will help us to harness renewable energy.

A small example?

  • Phones manufactured with eco-friendly products (fairphone for example)
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Electric Cars & motorcycles
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Insurances for your business but also for privates
  • Furniture and appliances for kitchens
  • Fitness clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Clothing shops
  • Cinemas
  • Food products that can be purchased online
  • As well as many other interesting products.

As soon as the page is ready for this, you will be informed via our newsletter or through the "News" that we regularly publish on the homepage of sparante.com

The next is a very important point, for which you will not have to pay anything. You will help us to develop this project, simply by joining our online booking site.

  • We decided that the www.sparante.com site should not only be a source of income for us, but we want to help even those who are not so lucky as we are.

    That's why we decided to devote 20% of our revenue to charity. To demonstrate that this really happens, every time we send funds to an association, we will publish on our site the payment receipt and the copy of the wire transfer made. Please read more here.

    We decided to send our support to an organization called "Mercy Ships". Here a link to their website.

    IMPORTANT: none of you have to donate extra money, the only way to help us is to make your reservations through our website and you have already helped someone. Thank you!


PS : We wanted to remind you that the word "Sparante" means "savings" in the Esperanto language.