Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

The question is legitimate, why should you use our website for your reservations of accommodation?

We have different answers, which we hope will satisfy you and, for which you will decide to also use our website in the future.


1) The answer that we think is the most important:

We decided that the www.sparante.com site must not only be a source of income for us, but we want to help even those who are not so lucky as we are.

That's why we decided to devote 20% of our revenue to charity. To demonstrate that this really happens, every time we send funds to an association, we will publish on our site the payment receipt and the copy of the wire transfer made. Please read more here.

We decided to send our support to an organization called "Mercy Ships". This is a link to the website of the organization

IMPORTANT: none of you have to donate extra money, the only way to help us is to make your reservations through our website and you have already helped someone. Thank you!



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This is a new feature of our website. What is it? Very simple, from now on, you can find on our website discounted rooms, vacation rentals , bed and breakfast and private accommodations. This works as following: if a hotel or a vacation rental owner has unoccupied rooms or other kind of accommodations, they will list the properties on our website to a special price, for a certain period of time, you can book that offer direct through our website and save up to 70% off the regular rates.

For this service, you will be charged with a fee of 10,00 CHF, regardless of the amount of the reservation. You only will be charged if the reservation will be successfull.

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2) the second reason:

Users who make reservations on our site will not have to pay anything. As you certainly know, some sites on which you can reserve private accommodation, those who reserve pay the commission for the service offered, which depending on the amount ranges from 10% to 25%.

Sparante.com does not ask for any kind of commission to guests.

3) the third reason:

Sparante.com gives you the chance to win the sum of CHF 350,00 to spend as and where you want. How? Simply making your reservations on our site. How does it work? After a certain number of reservations, it is assigned the payout. For security reasons we can not say after what number. In fact there are software that are capable of counting the reservations made and to predict when it reaches the winning one. This possibility of winning, will always be repeated, (eg every 300 reservations made, the number 301 will be the one winning).

4) the fourth reason our "Sparante-Card":

What is the Sparante Card?We are working on a discount card, called "Sparante Card". With this card you will be able to have discounts at different kind of Shops/Restaurants/Business around the globe.

What kind of companies and products we want to offer? We are planning to work with many kind of businesses.

A small example?

  • Electronic shops (online shops and physical stores)
  • Fashion shops
  • Car accessories shops as well as car dealers
  • Home supplies
  • Car rentals
  • Travel and tourist agencies
  • Restaurants
  • ...many other kind of business.


As soon as the page will be ready for this program, you will be informed via our newsletter or through the "News" that we regularly publish on our homepage.


PS: We wanted to remind you that the word "Sparante" means Saving in the Esperanto language.