Dear users

Here we want to mention a theme that is certainly not the most pleasant, but unfortunately it happens daily.

How many times have you heard or read that someone has made a reservation for a holiday home and at the request of the owner has sent a deposit, but arrived at the place there was neither house nor owner, or was the house a dirty and broken hut?

It doesn't just happen with holiday homes ... not long ago a couple of tourists booked a room in a hotel, sent the deposit and when they arrived at the hotel, they realized that it was a dirty place where nothing worked.

In cases like this, we only encounter problems and ruin our holidays. offers you a mediation service. What does it mean?

If you have to send a deposit for a reservation of any kind, it doesn't matter if hotel, vacation home, B&B or any other type of accommodation, instead of sending it to the owner, tell the owner that you will send the deposit to This will ensure the reservation. When you have arrived on site and you have realized that everything is in order and respects the description of the offer, send an email or a message (sms or whatsapp) and we will send the deposit within 12 hours to:

1) the owner in question

2) if the owner confirms that you will pay the full amount directly on site, the amount will be refunded to the account from which you made the transfer (paypal or bank).

As you can see, the risk of a scam disappears and you will leave for a more relaxed vacation.

As a registered member of, you can use this service for unlimited times during the membership period.

With this explanation we hope to have clearly illustrated how this service works. If there are any questions, please contact us here.