Liability Declaration

I declare under my responsibility, to be the owner or legal representative of this object. I am aware that my IP address will be recorded at the registration process, and that in the case of offenses, the recorded data, if they should be requested, may be passed on to the judicial authority. I agree to the processing of my personal data. With the continuation of the data input, the customer confirms the compliance with all legal requirements, as well as the necessary permits to operate this business. At the same time, the company is freed from all possible civil or criminal liability. With the registration data you entered, you can manage your objects independently. You can add the missing information, enter the description of the accommodation, photos, prices, etc.


Agreement for accommodation providers.

General provisions of the contract

  • The accommodation in question, confirmed having received a copy of this cooperation agreement, (hereinafter called the "Agreement"). This agreement is an integral part of the general conditions of
  • The accommodation provider in question declares that it agrees with both the contract and the general terms and conditions of

Availability, Rates and Services

  • The property is not obliged to offer a quota of overnight stays to, but is committed to offering the best price guarantee. This means that for the same type of room, during the same arrival and departure dates, as well as with the same services, no offer at the most advantageous prices will have to be shown online or offline.
  • In addition to this, the property guarantees that the guest, who books the room through, will receive the same services as those who booked the same room at the rates of the official price list (eg. access to the pool, gym, wellness, parking, internet or breakfast included, if normally included in the services offered).

Updating and data quality

  • The structure undertakes to regularly check and update its data on the website (eg types of accommodation, prices, availability, texts, photos and layout features).

Reservation requests must be confirmed

  • The structure is required to fulfill and approve each booking request, based on its availability and the prices made available on and to accept the guest as a contracting party.

Staff information

  • The accommodation property undertakes to keep its staff informed about requests for reservations, regarding the reservations received through the website and especially on the rights and duties in relation, so as to always provide the accurate information to customers, regarding accommodation prices, services and availability.

Duration and Termination

  • The contract is entered into for an indefinite period. Any written cancellation (by e-mail) must be made taking into account a cancellation period of 30 days. Bookings of accommodation that will be accepted during the cancellation period must be fulfilled without disadvantages for the client.


General conditions of, Embraport 1, 8424 Embrach - CH

General definitions

  • The following definitions apply throughout the contract.
  • "Best Price Guarantee" means the guarantee provided by that the website offers the best price for a type of accommodation and that it will not be possible to find a more advantageous price with the same arrival and departure dates , same services, neither online nor offline.

Rights and duties of the accommodation property

  • The information that the accommodation property makes available for use on the site must include details on the structure in question, including images, descriptions and features, services, room types available and bookable, room prices . It would be advantageous for the property to indicate the prices of the various extra paid services that are offered (eg. Massages, Wellness area, ski rentals and so on).
  • In any case, reserves the right to modify or remove any incorrect or incomplete information or which may violate the general conditions of
  • In addition to this, the property is committed to ensuring that the information entered and related to it are always true, correct and not misleading.
  • The property is responsible at all times for the accuracy and updating of its information, including:
    • room availability and prices.
  • The property is required to update the information on it at regular intervals, so that all indications, in particular prices and availability, are always up to date and correct. The property commits itself (unless otherwise agreed with to insert and process all the changes, updates and / or additions to the structure information directly online through the personal area that is made available for each participating property, on the website
  • If the property has made different agreements with we would be pleased to perform this type of work as a service on our part, provided that the property sends us by email, all data (photos, prices, descriptions, etc .. ) at least 14 days before the change is valid.

Duties of the structure towards the guest

  • The guest has the right to be able to book the room, provided that it is available, with the percentage discount (which the structure offers on the site of on the price noted in the official price list of the property. However there is no entitlement to discounts for additional services such as extra beds, half-board or tourist tax.
  • The interested customer can send his reservation request to the property, through the electronic reservation request form on The property must confirm reservation requests. The discount offered by the property is valid only if the reservations for the aforementioned rooms will be sent from the website
  • All the customer who makes a reservation from the website will be charged the fee of CHF 10.90. To do this, will charge the customers a deposit of 10% of the booking amount as a guarantee of the booking, plus CHF 10.90 as a booking fee for us. As soon as the guest will check-in into the accommodation booked, the hotel will send us a confirmation that the guest/s, is/are arrived (please not later than 24 hours after guests check-in) and will refund the 10% to the guests.


Rates of accommodation.

  • The prices and other conditions for booking the room will be published by the provider on the portal of The price of the room offered by the accommodation is for the customer of, at least 40% of the tariff listed on the official price list maintained by the provider. Prices for additional services (eg extra beds, half board, etc.) are at the discretion of the provider.

Reservations, complaints and best price guarantee

  • The property regularly checks the booking requests received and confirms them to the guest in question within a period of 12 hours and no later.
  • Once the reservation request has been confirmed by both parties (property and client), a direct contract (and therefore a legal relationship) is achieved, that is to say exclusively between the property and the guest.
  • The property undertakes to approve each booking request according to the availability and prices made available on the website and to accept the guest as a contracting party..
  • The customer will not be charged any extra administrative fees on the price entered on, regardless of the extra costs and fees defined in the booking confirmation (tourist taxes or other). The tourist taxes and extra taxes must be visible on the description of the property, moreover the property undertakes not to add additional fees in the case that payments are made by credit or debit card.
  • All complaints relating to the property, the products/services offered, modified or made available by the property itself, or to particular requests of the guest must be managed by the property in question without any intervention by


  • In the event that either the guest or the property wishes to use as an intermediary between the two parties to facilitate communication, it will be our duty to put ourselves at the service of both parties.
  • In the event of a claim from guests regarding the best price guarantee, it will be our duty to immediately contact the property in question, and providing all receipts and information in this regard. It will be the duty of the property to immediately make the price adjustment and reimburse the customer if he paid a higher price than the one published on the website. In addition, the property immediately adjusts the booking price of the corresponding guest.

Overbooking and cancellation

  • The property undertakes to make available the reserved rooms and to inform the guest immediately if it can not fulfill its duties established in this contract for any reason. The property also undertakes to do everything possible to offer alternative solutions of equal or better quality. In the event that this leads to additional expenses for the guest, the property undertakes to bear the additional costs. In case no room is available on arrival, the property will have to commit to:
    • a) find an appropriate alternative property of equal or better quality compared to the property in which the guest has made the guaranteed reservation and offer a private transfer free of expenses to the proposed property as an alternative.
  • The property is not authorized to cancel booking requests once they are confirmed.

Admin area for properties

  • makes available to all the properties a username and password (chosen by the property at the time of free registration on the website). With these data, the property has the possibility of access to the administrative area. The username and password must be treated with extreme confidentiality. In the case of any breach of security or abuse the property is asked to immediately inform the administration of by email or sms, indicating the name of the property and the location.

Rights and duties of

  • has the right (free of cost) to reproduce, let reproduce, disclose and use (and publicly use without limitation, transmit, copy and make public in any other way) information relating to the accommodation property for reasons of marketing.

Customer data and guest ratings

  • transmits to the property, the reservation request made by the guests, with the relative information including: the date of arrival, the number of nights, the category of room, the price of the room, the name of the guest, the address, as well as other specific requests and comments, indicated by the host.
  • After the stay of the guest in the property, gives the guest the opportunity to evaluate his stay in the property according to certain parameters.
  • reserves the right to publish these comments on its platform.
  • is not obliged to check the comments left by customers and is not the author of the comments themselves.
  • In the event that ratings posted on our platform by guests contain obscene words or names of people, reserves the right to reject, modify or remove inadequate assessments, obscenity or the presence of names of persons.
  • is not responsible for and does not respond to the content and consequences of the publication or dissemination of comments or evaluations.

Marketing, online marketing

  • is allowed to advertise the property on the platform, using the name of the property for reasons of offline and online marketing.
  • promotes online marketing measures at its discretion and at its expense.

Liability and damages

  • assumes no responsibility in the event of suspension (transitory and / or partial), interruption, suspension of use, failure or non-availability of the platform, service and / or administrative area.

Duration, conclusion and termination of the contract

  • Any Contracting Party may conclude the contract with immediate effect and without prior written notice, or break it against the other Contracting Party, in the event that:
  • one of the conditions of the contract on the part of the other contracting party is seriously violated (an example may be the violation of the guarantee of equal prices, or insert untrue information or even a considerable amount of complaints from the guests)
  • In accordance with the terms of this contract, after the conclusion of the contract, the accommodation property must accept the reservations of guests already received before the cancellation of the contract for a period that goes even after the conclusion of the same.
  • For example: the customer reserves and the reservation is confirmed, on 20.09.2019 for 4 days from 01.10. to 05.10.2019. The structure terminates the contract on 28.09.2019 immediately. In this case the structure undertakes to receive guests who have reserved accommodation for the pre-established period.
  • In the following cases is authorized to immediately terminate its services to the accommodation property:
    • a) in the event that the accommodation property will insert in the personal area of our site reports incorrect, misleading or inappropriate information on the property  itself
    • b) in the event that the accommodation property charges one or more customers a higher price than the one posted on the website
    • c) in the event that receives more legitimate and serious complaints from guests, who have booked in the accommodation via the website

Other regulations

  • In the event that during a year (365 days) more than 5 reservations should be canceled, reserves the right to cancel the contract with the property immediately, close the account and cancel all offers published by the same owner on the website.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, this contract is subject exclusively to Swiss law and is interpreted exclusively under Swiss law.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract are brought exclusively before the competent courts in Switzerland and discussed there.
  • The competent court (place of performance) is, as far as permitted by law, Zurich.
  • The partner property undertakes to inform immediately and in writing via e-mail, or letter on any changes in address, contact details or other essential information for the business relationship.
  • is authorized to modify these general conditions in a reasonable manner. The changes and additions are communicated through our website and written notices (via Email). They are considered approved if no objections are raised in writing by letter or e-mail within a month.

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