Imagine... can help people

just by booking your accommodation through our website!

How? Just read here below.






Dear members, dear customers,

We decided to send our support to Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships, an international organization, uses hospital ships since 1978 to perform life-changing

surgeries and seeks to help build long term health care systems in developing countries.



Here you can see some interesting video about this organization.


Mercy Ships overview
Video about the organization
Story of William
Story of vanya


Each time you will make a reservation through our website, you will help us helping other people. Everytime that we will send a donate to the organization,

we will post here online the receipt of the donation amount. We will spend 20% of our revenue.



Thanks for booking and helping

 A smile to everyone!

P.S. For this program we do not require any extra contributions from our customers and members.