"Sparante" is the Esperanto word for "Saving".

This is the reason because we want to offer to all our members the chance to shop at more than 350 shops online and get money refund through our "Cash Back Program"*.


How does it works?

Whether you are looking for electronics, fashion or holidays. With Sparante Cash-Back you can benefit from cashback at more than 350 online shops. Included are famous shops located through different countries. We are adding new shops and companies daily.

Each time you visit an online store through us and you shop there, Sparante receives a commission/bonus. This commission, will be paid out to you as cashback.

We will pay out the 95% of our commissions. That means if we receive a commission of CHF 100,00, we will pay to our members a cash back of CHF 95,00. The difference will be used to cover the bank fees that we have to pay to receive the money.

This is much more than other cashback websites pays.

Now you will say, what is our earning? We will deduct from your payout the monthly fee of CHF 1,00 to cover your account costs. This makes CHF 12,00 through the year. This will be deducted when we will send you the cash back payment.

Here a small example:

You shop for 1000,00 CHF

We receive a commission of 100,00 CHF (10%)

You receive a cashback of 93,00 CHF (94,00 minus the 1,00 CHF as monthly fee for the account if you receive the payment monthly, if you get the payment every 2 or 3 months because you are not shopping so much, then we will charge the fee for 2 or 3 months. In the case that you will not  use your account, no fees will be charged).

1% of all global commissions goes into a separate account and it will be
shared once a year with all our members as a kind extra of bonus, that means you are earning cash back also when you are not shopping.

Everything is very easy to do:

  1. Create a user account in a few seconds on our new website called www.sparante.shop
  2. We will credit you a welcome amount of CHF 5,00
  3. Choose a shop and buy there as normal
  4. We automatically record your order and credit you the cashback amount on your user account
  5. Once the cashback amount will reach CHF 35,00, we will send it to your bank* or PayPal* account.

*Bank fees or paypal fees must be paid from the member.

That is all very simply.

If you are still not sure and want to read our FAQ section, please click here


You can sign up for free here (coming soon)

Thank you for your time.