"Sparante" is the Esperanto word for "Saving".

This is the reason because we want to offer to all our members the chance to shop at more than 350 shops online and get discounts through our "Global Cash Back Program"*.


How does it works?

Whether you are looking for electronics, fashion or holidays. With Sparante Cash-Back you can benefit from cashback at more than 350 online shops. Included are famous shops located through different countries. We are adding new shops and companies daily.

Each time you visit an online store through us and you shop there, Sparante receives a commission/bonus. This commission, will be paid out to you as cashback.

Example : If you are shopping for CHF 500,- and we become a commission / bonus of 7%, we will put on the global account 7% as a cash back bonus.

Everything is very easy to do:

  1. Create a free user account in a few seconds, this account will also valid to reserve accommodation though our website
  2. Choose a shop and buy there as normal
  3. We automatically record your order and credit you the cashback amount on your user account
  4. Once the commission amount will reach the amount of CHF 20.- for each member, we will send it to your bank or PayPal account.

That is all very simply and it is 100% free.

If you are still not sure and want to read our FAQ section, please click here

To see the amount of the cumulated commissions, as well as the number of members eligible for a commission, please click here


As you can see, the advantage is that you will earn a cash back also when other members will shops through our website, and this is very interesting for the whole community.

Click on one category to see the shops

  1. Baby and children 
  2. Body and Beauty 
  3. Electronics & computers
  4. Entertainment
  5. Fashion
  6. Food and Specialties
  7. Home and furnitures
  8. Travel
  9. More shops...


You can sign up for free here


Thank you for your time.

* Global cash back program is different than all the other cash back programs you will find in the internet, why? Global cash back program, will collect the commission of all the purchases done though our website and, will share the total amount with all our members. The only condition to take part of this program is that the member must have done at least 1 accommodation reservation through sparante.com or he/she has to make a purchase at one of the listed shops through us.